Our History

Based in Stuttgart Germany and founded by graduate graphic designer E. Maximilian P. Pfisterer in 2001, EMPP Graphics exists to serve clients, build brands and grow businesses.

2007 marked the bureaus entry into music industry design. Between the first drawing for the Frankfurt based techno-label Connaisseur Recordings and today lie well over 100 vinyl, album and digital release designs for music labels in Europe and the US.

Today, EMPP remains an independently operating graphic design firm, built lean and smart to deliver the speed and unique thinking our clients rely on.

Our Services

Design should, first of all, look great. Unconventional ideas and creativity, for us, range above concept and meta-meaning. In order to achieve design that lasts, we bring in our broad experience in typography and illustration, web-design and creative programming. Our previous work includes the creation of largescale corporate identities ranging from logo to corporate websites.

Our affiliation with the video production firm Frischvergiftung lets us think polydimensional when it comes to bringing your brand to life.

Our Network

Whats better than to work with your friends?

We are happy we can say that all people we call up if there is something to program or film or edit are very talented friends of ours that we also have a beer with once in a while. People we trust and whose skill sets we know by heart.

This network grows with every task, especially those that are new to us. We are always on the lookout for challenging projects and to learn new things!

Client List

Afri Cola
Connaiseur Recordings
Deep Circus
Gabriel Ananda
Get Physical
Hands on Sound
Ideal Audio

Paradise Entertainment
Point Blank London
Rocker 33
Störk Tronic
Sumi Management
Wagmüller PR